What is IWA?

It is an application that eliminates the need to keep invoices and warranty documents after your purchases from different stores and brands, and prevents you from being out of warranty. Scan your barcode while shopping from the contracted companies and brands and follow the warranty period of your products from your phone.

Other Features

  • Campaigns Follow the campaigns and discounts of the company or brand you want. Take advantage of the opportunities in the fastest way
  • Points Earn points as you shop. Evaluate these scores through our mobile application.
  • Contact Accelerate your communication with companies and brands. Make your returns and feedback on your mobile phone.
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How it works?

I. Download and Register Iwa

Download the application for Android and IOS operating system and register

II. Barcode Usage On Shopping

In Iwa partner stores, open the application and have your barcode scanned at the cash register while making payment after shopping.


III. Warranty Tracking

After shopping from an iwa contracted company, the information of the products you bought is uploaded to your iwa account. You can see it in my purchases section.

IV. Warranty Usage

If you have a problem with the product, it is sufficient to find the product you purchased on iwa and show it to the contracted company.